It's Christmas
Well, it's that time of year again, so I would like to wish everyone on Live Journal,
a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year...
Needless to say, in my part of the U.K, Greater London, the snow has melted, thus denying me the chance of a White Christmas, but making bookies extremely happy, as they will not to pay out any bets on such...

Writer's Block: High school musical
If you had to choose a theme song for your middle or high school years, what would it be, and why?

Baggy Trousers - Madness

Writer's Block: Killer tomatoes
What's your favorite cult film of all time, and why? What are the essential ingredients for a cult classic?

The Return oF Captain Invincible, a comedy musical featuring a washed up Superhero, the aforenamed Captain, made in 1983, set initially in Australia, starring Alan Arkin & Christopher Lee...
As for why, I nominate this movie over The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is that it has'nt been "done to death" by Fandom...

Writer's Block: R/evolutionary war
If humanity were to become extinct, do you think another animal species would evolve to take our place? What lessons do you think they'd learn from our successes and failures?

I would argue yes, but I suspect it would depend on which species became sapient...
As for learning from Man's successes/failures, again, I suspect that it would depend on the timeframe, & if any artifacts recording the "Downfall of Man" survived the events in question...

Writer's Block: Forever young?
If you were forced to live forever at any age, what age would you choose, and why? What if your memories stopped at your chosen age? How would that impact your decision?

If such a thing ever happened to me, I suspect that I would argue for 30, because that would to me, be my optimum age...
As for my memories halting at 30, I suspect that this would not affect my decision...

Merry Xmas Everybody
Merry Christmas everyone... (Just please don't overdose on Turkey, Christmas Pudding or Eggnog...)

Writer's Block: Time in a bottle
Imagine that you have a time machine. Which deceased musician would you most want to travel back in time to watch perform live?

Jimi Hendrix at The Albert Hall 1968, or the Beatles at Candlestick Park, San Francisco (Last "official" live concert before their breakup) ...

Writer's Block: Super-human
If you could choose one super-power, what would it be and why?

I would argue for MInd Control, as the latent supervillian in me would probably enjoy making others do my/his will....

Writer's Block: Home Remedies
When you get sick or have a cold, what's your favorite remedy to make you feel better?
A hot drink, painkiller of choice & sleep...

Writer's Block: End of the World as We Know It
Robert Frost speculated about the world ending in fire or in ice. Which do you think is likely to end us all: meteorite, global warming, nuclear weapons, zombies, or the superflu?

To Paraphrase a certain song "It's the End of the World as we Know it, but I feel fine...".

On a longer term,  I would argue that the Sun's expansion into a Red Giant will consume the world with fire, but that event won't happen for several billion years...


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